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    The Sister, Handmaids of Mary are a Religious Congregation, founded in Madrid, Spain in 1851 by Mother Soledad Torres Acosta, who was proclaimed a Saint by Pope Paul VI in 1970.

    As a Religious-Nurses, we strive to continue Christ's mission of healing and compassion through the loving care of the sick and dying, preferably in their own homes, free of charge. This enables us to reach out to those who suffer, incluiding their families while not depriving them of the comfort of their familiar home surroundings and without the worry and stress of payments for our services rendered. We believe this is what makes our mission so especial and was the focus of Mother Soledad's efforts as she taught her daughters, the Sisters, Handmaids of Mary, Servants os Mary in the USA,  how to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the gratuitous care of the sick. We are convinced that goodness begets goodness, and this is what makes a difference in our apostolate.

    This vision in continued on today by the Sisters who are over 1300, encompassing a world-wide ministry of care and compassion in 122 convents. Although the majority of their charitable work is carried out in homes all night, they also do visiting nursing, work in hospitals, dispensaries, rest homes, nursing homes, in homes for chronic and convalescent patients, incluiding missionary work in Africa and The Philippines.


Do you feel called to give yourself totally to Christ in the service of the sick and poor?


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Handmaids of Mary
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